Friday, March 11, 2011

Three Years

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My darling girl turns three today. Where has the time gone? She forever changed my life the day she came (you can read her birth story here). She fulfilled my life-long dream of becoming a Mommy. She has grown into quiet an independent little soul over the past year:

  • She is FINALLY potty trained (with the exception of bed-times). She has a few accidents every now and then, but she's doing great with it!
  • She knows all of her letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. and can do some simple addition and subtraction (with manipulatives).
  • She continually amazes me with her memory. She remembers things that I can't. We sat down to read a book and she "read" it word for word (and it was LONG with BIG words).
  • She loves Public Television (so does Mommy) and is learning so much from watching. We got her a trampoline for her birthday. She had never seen one before and the first thing she said when she jumped on it was, "Mommy! It has elasticity!" She got that from watching Sid the Science Kid but the neat thing is they never discussed or showed a trampoline in the episode to my knowledge.
  • She LOVES to "read." It doesn't matter whether it's one of her picture books or one of Mommy's novels, she is perfectly content to sit on the couch and make up her own stories.
  • Her latest thing is rhyming and she makes up silly words to rhyme (guess we've been reading a lot of Dr. Suess books). She doesn't know she's doing it, but sometimes she makes rhyming words that she shouldn't just by interchanging the first syllable:)
  • The girl LOVES to sing and makes up songs as frequently as she makes up stories.
  • She has imaginary friends: Molly, and Jolly. She often gets upset if we forget and leave them at home (but sometimes they sneak into her pocket and she finds them later when we're at the store).
  • She loves to cook (pretend and real). She insists on wearing her apron and says, "It's time for Cooking with Chef Elena!" Once she's finished, she always says her blessing before she pretends to eat.
  • She has risen to the challenge of being a big sister beautifully. She loves to make her little sister laugh, brings her toys when she cries, and even tells mommy when baby Kate has a "No No." And best of all, my independent one has decided that cuddling with Mommy and Daddy on occasion is not so bad after all!
She is a funny, smart, sassy little girl and I am so proud to be her mommy. But all that's all from a loving, doting mother's perspective. Here are some answers to some birthday interview questions (Thanks Mama's Little Coffee Break for the idea) so you can see from HER perspective what she's into:

My favorite color is...purple
On TV, I like to watch...Dinosaur Train
My favorite book is...Monkey George (Curious George)
My favorite movie is...Tangled
I like to
I feel happy when...Grammy is here (we just got off the phone with her)
I feel sad when...I get in trouble
I like to...swing
I don't like in the grass
I think Daddy is...a sweetheart
I think Mommy is...a love
I think Kate is...crawly
I think Georgia (our dog) is...a good girl
I think Gracie (our cat) is...big
I like to play with...Mommy
My favorite toy balls
I am really good at...eating food
I get excited...for my birthday
I like to go to...Hobby Lobby (that's my girl)
My best friend is...Colten
I love...Mommy

What joy she brings to our lives each and every day. Mommy and Daddy love you so, "Lena Doodle!" We are so proud of you. Happy Birthday to our darling girl!


  1. I loved reading this! Happy Birthday Elena!!! Also, what a clever idea with the little questionnaire. Can't wait to document those answers of Keagans next month!

  2. Heather and Patrick
    I appreciate being able to share your beautiful story about Elena. I don't know where 3 years have gone but I do know that ya'll have done a super job as Mommie and Daddy. You are so thoughtful to allow us to share her in this way.
    You are blessed and Patrick is triple blessed to have his "three girls" in his life.
    I love ya'll and can't wait for Kate's birthday to see her accomplishments.
    Aunt Lou

  3. I loooove that little "interview" with Elena! So cute! I will definitely have to borrow that idea in June. :)

    Happy birthday sweet girl! Averi loooooves playing with you! We hope you have a fantastic party and sorry we aren't able to be there.

  4. I just found your blog tonight and I love it!! So cute, and great ideas ;-)


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