Friday, April 11, 2014

Kate is FOUR!!!

Pin It Our sweet, spunky, God-lovin' Katie-Bug turns FOUR today!

Four years ago today, our second little angel came into our lives. This little one is our "live wire." She is a ball full of energy, has her own look and her own way. Quiet possibly the best way to describe our Kate is sincere: whether she is happy, sad, angry, excited, she can not hide her emotions and feels them to the max!

In Kate's own words:

My favorite color
On TV, I like to watch...Monkey George
My favorite book is...Stuffie Book
My favorite movie is...Peter Pan
I like to eat...healthy food
I feel happy when...Daddy comes home
I feel sad when...Daddy is away
I like with Daddy & Elena outside
I don't like to...tear up my shirts
I think Daddy is...handsome
I think Mommy is...beautiful
I think Elena is...beautiful
I think Wren is...beautiful
I think Georgia (our dog) is...big
I think Gracie (our cat) is...little
I like to play with...Elena
My favorite toy is...the doll house
I am really good at...playing soccer
I get excited...when Daddy comes home
I like to go to...Great Wolf Lodge
My best friend is...Elena
I love...Elena

I am forever amazed that the Lord would allow me to be a mom to this little one! What a joy it is to have her in our lives. My prayer for you, sweet Kate is the same today as it always is:

What an awesome privilege God has given me to be your Mommy.

I pray that you forever grow in His Grace.

I pray that you will grow to Love Him more each day

I pray that you will grow to show His love to others

I pray that you will have all the joys your heart desires

I pray that I will always be able to guide you along the right path

I pray that you will always know how very much you are loved

I pray that no one ever quenches your zeal for life

I pray that your enthusiasm is always used for God's glory

I pray for His wisdom in raising you to be all that God designed you to be.

You are your Mommy's joy, precious Kate!
I love you with all of my heart. Happy Birthday to my sweet girl.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Six years ago...

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Six years ago today, this little girl made my life-long dream of becoming a Mommy a reality for the first time. I'm so thankful the Lord allowed us the privilege of being her Mommy and Daddy.
Happy Birthday to our oldest, Elena Nicole! 

Sixth Birthday interview:

My favorite color
On TV, I like to watch...Monkey George
My favorite book is...princess books
My favorite movie is...Frozen
I like to eat...apples and cherries
I feel happy when...I can come home from school
I feel sad when...someone gets hurt
I like to...make up stories
I don't like outside in long sleeves when it's hot
I think Daddy is...the best person in the world
I think Mommy hero
I think Kate is...special to me
I think Wren is...a cutie
I think Georgia (our dog) is...always hungry
I think Gracie (our cat) is...scared of us
I like to play doll house
My favorite toy iPad
I am really good at...painting
I get excited...when Daddy comes home
I like to go to...The Mall
My best friend is...Chandler and Caleb
I family

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