Monday, March 11, 2013

Five years ago...

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Five years ago today, our first little angel came into our lives.
Happy Birthday to our oldest, Elena Nicole! 

Fifth Birthday interview:

My favorite color
On TV, I like to watch...Word World
My favorite book is...Monkey George
My favorite movie is...Star Wars
I like to eat...bananas & bagels
I feel happy when...I make new friends
I feel sad when...Kate takes away my toys
I like to...paint
I don't like pea casserole
I think Daddy is...good to me
I think Mommy is...sweet to me
I think Kate is...beautiful
I think Wren is...sweet
I think Georgia (our dog) is...a dog
I think Gracie (our cat) is...soft
I like to play with...all my stuffed animals
My favorite toy train set
I am really good at...reading a little bit of books
I get excited...when Daddy comes home
I like to go to...The Mall
My best friend is...McKenna & Caleb
I love...Wren and my stuffed animals

her third birthday interview
her fourth birthday interview

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Galaxy in a Jar

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My two oldest girls have birthdays exactly one month apart. With that in mind, we decided to go for a joint party this year. After tossing around numerous themes, the girls both finally settled on Star Wars. Truthfully, I enjoy Star Wars, and we've watched the older ones with the girls a few times, but I never imagined that my soon to be 3 and soon to be 5 year old GIRLS would want to have a Star Wars party! With that being said, I am all about allowing their input and making it fun not only for them, but all that we invite.

To go along with the "Star" theme, we are having our local Science Center bring their Star Lab for the kids and parents to "explore their galaxy." I was looking for an easy craft project for the kids to do as they arrived that went along with the theme and this is what I came up with: Galaxy in a Jar.

You will need:

Photo paper (dollar tree) and printer
Push pins (dollar tree)
Cardboard or foam board (dollar tree)
Led push light (dollar tree)
3 AAA batteries (dollar tree)
LARGE MOUTH pint canning jar with lid

Start by printing the FREE constellation file here on your photo paper. The photo paper is thick enough to block most of the light, but thin enough to allow the constellations guides and terms to show.

Cut out one image.

Lay your cut out on your cardboard or foam board and use your push pin to puncture the white dots. Feel free to pick the constellations you like best (if you do them all, you will be there for a while and your hand might get tired). You can make smaller holes for the smaller stars and larger ones for the larger stars to make it appear more realistic.

Install the batteries in your LED push light.

Remove the sticky back and secure the light in the bottom of the canning jar.

Insert your punched constellation map so it lines the jar and the bottom is between the light and the jar.

Turn on the light and replace the lid.

View your "Galaxy" or constellations in a dark room.

For FREE monthly sky maps and what to look for in the sky, visit Skymaps
Another more kid-friendly site with free maps is Kids Astronomy