About Me

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Each day I feel as though I am living a dream. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves me and understands me. We have a lovely home and precious daughters that bring joy to our lives. We have amazing friends and family and a great church home. As I look around me I have no doubt of God’s goodness and grace. I am humbled by His love for me and pray that I live each day for His glory.

I attended the University of Georgia where I majored in Music Education and participated in the Redcoat Marching Band (GO DAWGS!)

Once moving to South Carolina, I began teaching Elementary music. In 2007 I was named teacher of the year at the school where I taught. I also began working on my masters degree the same year. In 2008, I completed my Master of Education degree in technology through Lesley University. Three months later, I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl and exactly 25 months later another beautiful little angel came into our lives.

I loved teaching elementary music because it was a place where I could let my creativity flow. I enjoyed decorating my classroom, making manipulatives to use, building sets, and making music with kids.

Though I plan to return to teaching once our children are in school, I am currently a stay-at-home mom who loves what my husband calls my "projects." I was nervous at first about staying at home because I am NOT the most organized person. I find cleaning mundane work and liked being on the move when I taught. I was afraid that staying at home would bore me to tears. I have found the opposite to be true. Whether it's designing something on the computer, sewing up something for my girls, planning a party, cooking something up in the kitchen, or the myriad of other creative endeavors, there's always something inventive going on in our home.