Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Scissors and Stuff-Day 1

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Day 1: Dare to Change

"Blinded" Artist Crayon Resist

Color Colossal Coaster T-Shirt

Take Picture for Photo Frame

Label "Souvenir Bags" with Names

Bible verse:
God helps me. I will not be afraid.
~Hebrews 13:6

Life application:
I can know that God loves me and helps me

Bible Story:
Acts 9:1-21
Kids will learn how Paul was blinded by a bright light on a dusty road. Paul later did the right thing when he told people everywhere that Jesus is God's Son.

What Kids Need to Know:
God Loves Me.
God helps me do the right thing.
I can obey God.

verse stickers
1/2 sheet white tag board
black construction paper
glue sticks
white crayons
yellow and orange tempera paint
T-shirts (with iron on design)
Fabric Markers
Camera for pics
photo booth backdrop

iron on T-shirt design
have photo booth backdrop ready
have backpack bags ready to label

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