Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Day of Rest

Pin It Last week was hard: Patrick had symphony which meant I got to see him for about 2 hours in the afternoon and was alone with the girls the rest of the time. Thursday I noticed I had a scratchy throat and by Saturday morning, I had almost no voice at all. Patrick also had to judge his last band competition of the season Saturday which meant yet another day alone with the girls. That has become our routine for the past month. Elena likes her "normal" routine with Daddy and Mommy putting her to bed at night so bedtime has been difficult to say the least. Most nights I just ended up closing her in her room and letting her cry herself to sleep so I could watch after the other crying little one. Poor Patrick didn't get home until close to ten sometimes eleven and then we started the night watch since neither girl has been sleeping through the night lately.

Saturday night, I knew we needed a break. I had NO voice, Patrick was exhausted from working non-stop for weeks on end and the girls weren't much better. I called our dear preschool coordinator and told her (as best I could with no voice) that we wouldn't be able to make it to teach our 2-year old Sunday School class the next morning. I made a mad dash at cleaning the house after I got the girls down, and left my husband a sweet note telling him we would have the day off Sunday.

It was just what my family needed. We started the day off with home-made vanilla Belgian waffles for breakfast followed by a family devotion time on Paul telling the Thessalonians about Jesus. We had a GREAT afternoon nap time (where the girls actually napped at the same time, which rarely happens). I fixed up a yummy and quiet fattening meal of shrimp and grits with Cajun gravy for supper and we followed that with family movie night.

We cuddled up together in the living room floor to watch Toy Story 3. Armed with popcorn and raisinets, we had the BEST time. It was so nice to sit back in my chair for a brief moment and look across the room at my three favorite people, all engrossed in the movie. God certainly knew what he was doing when he set aside the seventh day for rest. It was just what we all needed.


  1. Elena's expression in this photo is just awesome! I hope everyone feels more rested this week :)

  2. This kind of day just sounds awesome....Maybe we can have one of those this weekend. Much needed!


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