Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 in review

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2010 was an amazing year! I tried to take a moment to choose a top event from each month...this was as close as I could get (though admittedly some of the events occurred in the same month). God has certainly blessed my little family. Thank you for the memories and here's to 2011!

1. Transformed the "Cat" room into the Playroom 2.Got really big!  3. Planned an Elmo party for a special two-year-old 4. Brought a new life into the world 5. Spent a scary night in the hospital with a darling baby 6. made a special trip to Savannah for a special Father's Day 7.Worked on Potty Training (ALL Year!) 8. Built a playset with my own two hands 9. Visited the Apple Orchard 10. Picked pumpkins 11. First trip to the ER for stitches 12. Sewed a lot of cute outfits AND enjoyed a wonderful white Christmas with my precious family!

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  1. I love this post!! I really wanted to do a month by month but have yet to accomplish it!! =) Beautiful photographs of what looks like a lovely year... even with an ER visit for stitches! my little guy had a visit to the ER for "glue" in the same spot... about the same age!! That is a fantastic Santa btw!! =)


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