Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowed in with Smores

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I don't mind admitting that I have never been a big fan of smores. Though I like graham crackers and chocolate, I don't really care for marshmallows. When my daughter saw a camping segment on Sesame Street where they were making smores, she decided we had to do that. She insisted that mommy tried one, too and I begrudgingly agreed. To my surprise, they were great! I had just never had a smore made by my husband before. He knows just how to make them: just enough marshmallow to melt the chocolate and make them gooey (he says it's an art).

Making smores has now become a regular event in our household. Rarely do we build a fire in the fireplace without making them anymore. So, when the threat of snow was reported earlier this week, others went to the grocery store for milk and bread and we went for marshmallows, chocolates and graham crackers.

Today we are snowed in with about 8-10" outside and yummy smores by the fire inside. He even sneaked in a bit of my favorite ingredient of coconut today. I can't imagine a better way to spend my afternoon. Thanks, Honey, for the perfect smore!



  1. YUMMY! Sounds and looks delish! I also love the new header, font, watermark, etc! :)

  2. Mmmmm! I am a total foodie-that pic is yummy! Found you through Macro Monday ;0)

  3. A perfect way to spend a cold, snowy winter day. Good for you!


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