Monday, January 3, 2011

A Date at the Movies with my Girl

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Since I am still breast-feeding Kate, whenever there is a need for me to go run an errand or be away from home for an extended period of time in the day, it often ends up that Elena stays behind with Daddy while Mommy and Kate go out. I've been wanting to do something special with Elena; just the two of us. This weekend I decided on the perfect activity: a movie.

I had been waiting to take her to the movies until:

1. She was old enough to sit (kind-of) still the entire time

2. There was a movie appropriate for her age

3. She knew how to be (sort-of) quiet

4. There was a movie I would enjoy as well

5. It was something I was willing to pay the exorbitant amount of money to see

6. There would be a lot of other young children in the theater
so MINE wouldn't be the only one distracting others from the movie

7. There was a time when I could leave Kate behind without worrying about missing a feeding

She is really into princesses right now. I was reading Kate's new "Fairy-Tale" books to them and we came upon Rapunzel. That's when I knew it was time to see Disney's new movie, Tangled.

SO, after church yesterday, we ate lunch and got her to take an early nap with the promise of doing something special with just Mommy. We got there early to get just the right spot. I went all out and bought popcorn, candy and drinks. We had a long discussion about how to sit, how to be quiet, how not to be scared when the lights went off, etc.

I don't know who had more fun: Mommy or Elena! When the first preview was launched and the speakers around us came to life, her eyes could have lit up the room (and luckily her high-pitched squeal of delight was muffled by the sound). She was captivated by the huge characters on the screen and I heard her exclaim often, in her breathless little dramatic way, "Oh, Mommy! How BEAUTIFUL!" There were those times when she was more interested in getting another "chocolate" than watching and I often had to remind her to use her whisper voice to ask for them. She got so excited that she jumped out of her seat and stood at the rail in front of us a few times as well, but all in all, I would say she did a great job for a 2.5 almost 3-year old!

Yep, I'm a sap, but when she cuddled up to me at the end when Rapunzel hugged her parents and the emotional music began to swell, I'll admit there were a few tears streaming down my cheeks. O.K., make that A LOT of tears streaming down my cheeks. She's growing up way too fast, but I'm glad I can be there with her for those special firsts and pray that she'll always know I'll be there for her through whatever she may face in life. Mommy loves you, Elena-doodle!


  1. Aw, how fun! It's bitter sweet watching them grow up but so fun to be able to do these type things with them.

  2. I heard that was a really cute movie - glad you both enjoyed the experience!

  3. I know who you get that teary-eyed thing from. If I remember correctly, your mom cried at every milestone when we were growing up. :) It's hard to understand just how quickly time passes when you're a child. As soon as you have children of your own, it becomes very obvious!


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