Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh, Coffee! How I've missed you.

Pin It Normally this is my morning beverage of choice:

but for the past few days this has been more of a necessity for me:

and this for my girls (note the variety of flavors):

This morning I was thankful (especially after another sleepless night with a sick baby) that my tummy was finally settled enough to enjoy my morning cup of coffee again. Though I am certainly NOT back to normal by any means, I sure did enjoy my coffee today. I didn't realize what a treat you were but I won't take you for granted any longer!


  1. OMGoodness! Our family has been right there with you! It's been horrible. Honestly I still don't know if I ever got it. My symptoms may have been all in my head, but nonetheless it's been a rough week here! Hope everyone there is back to good health soon!


  2. YIKES... Hope you are all MUCH better soon!! I do not miss those days of flu bugs with little ones!! Our littles are still young... but not that young! I remember days of syringing pedialyte into my babies!!


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