Monday, September 20, 2010

If we see it on Sesame Street...

Pin It My two-year-old loves watching Sesame Street. It's the one (O.K., I admit it: one of two) show(s) she gets to watch each day. She has learned so much watching it. Her vocabulary has increased, she makes up her own rhymes, she knows a lot of the songs and has learned about lots of different activities. The only problem is, if she sees it on Sesame Street, she thinks we have to do it, too. That was the case with an episode we saw last week about "helping." A little girl helped her mom make cookies and ever since, my daughter has been asking, "Can I help make cookies?" As with most pleading and prodding from her about these little activities, I eventually give in and make the time. Knowing my mom was coming for a visit this past weekend, I thought it would be a fun project for us girls to do together. Lena-doodle and I mixed up the dough on Friday.

On Saturday, Grammy and the girls went shopping and my girlie-girl picked out "princess" cookie cutters. The evening was spent rolling out the dough, cutting the cookies out, baking and decorating them.

I don't know who had more fun, Elena, Mommy, or Grammy. Though admittedly she had mostly cookies and decorations for supper that night, I have never seen my little girl so involved in a project. She worked for a good two hours on her cookie creations. 

So proud of her masterpiece!

We could have bought dozens of cookies for what it cost us to purchase the ingredients and materials we used but, it was worth every penny to see my mom and her first grandchild making those sweet memories!

Lena-Doodle and Grammy

our cookie creations

So, thanks to Sesame street for putting the idea in my little girl's head to make cookies. We made much more than cookies this weekend.

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