Monday, September 6, 2010

The "Park"

Pin It For the past month, there has been one project that had kind of taken over my life. I'm the kind of girl that if I start a new project, I get a bit addicted and work on it A LOT. My husband and I had our eye on a certain playset for the girls. I had been watching for it to go on sale and I had also been keeping an eye out for a coupon. Since my husband does some extra work writing music in the summer, we knew that we would have a little more cash and hopefully be able to purchase the set with plans to get it up some time in either the fall or following spring for their birthdays.

About four weeks ago, I received the online coupon for an additional 10% off the set. When we went just to check, the set was also on sale so we took the plunge and purchased it. We weren't able to pick it up for a few more days because it came in 5 huge boxes that weighed on average about 175-200 lbs. each.

Knowing me, I couldn't stand to see the boxes just sitting in the shed, so I started the ball rolling by opening them up and labeling the parts. I said, "I'll just work on the small stuff."

The plan was for us to wait three weeks until the Grandpas could both get there to help us. Here it is three weeks later and I pretty much single handedly got the entire thing up. Patrick helped level and square the big parts, raise the roof and of course, man handle the massive tube slide (with a little help from our neighbor across the street) but I am proud to say that I did the rest. The Grandpa's did come, but not to build; they came to inspect, fortify, and tie up a few loose ends.

There is such a great satisfaction in seeing a job through to completion and knowing that you are mostly responsible for it. Hearing my two year old ask each day, "Mommy, can I play on my park?" makes it even better! My prayer is that the girls will have many enjoyable hours the next few years in the play set built by their mommy's hands.

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