Monday, September 13, 2010

Tea Party

Pin It Don't you just love those mornings when nothing quiet goes as you plan, but what occurs is SO much more fun and meaningful? That's what happened this morning. I awoke with a long list of housework on the brain and my little girl had other plans in mind. How can you say no to a sweet little voice asking, "Mommy, can we PLEASE have a tea party?"

I kept answering her with a, "sure, sweetheart! Once Mommy gets the laundry done; Once Mommy gets the dishes done; Once Mommy gets the beds made." Finally, when I heard her little feet trudging up the stairs from the playroom with her tea set in tow, and I saw she had the table in the living room ready with a blanket for a table cloth, I could put her off no longer.

I stopped my chores and got out the milk and gummy snacks then sat down with my darling daughter to the best tea party we've every had.

Here's to MaMa for providing the little tea set that helps us make such precious memories!

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  1. you reminded me that the best things in life are not things! so sweet.


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