Monday, November 1, 2010

25 Days of Thanks Challenge: Day 1

Pin It So often, Thanksgiving is just a holiday that gets sandwiched in between Halloween and Christmas. Last year I joined in a challenge on Facebook where I posted something I was thankful for each day of November prior to Thanksgiving. Through that challenge, I was made aware of how truly blessed I am. The Lord opened my eyes to things I take for granted each and every day. This year, I want to take the challenge one step further; I am going to post a picture and description each day from now until Thanksgiving of something I am thankful for. I want to invite all of my blogging friends to join me in my personal challenge. I want to see what YOU are thankful for, too! Won't you join me?

Here's what you do:
1-post a picture and description each day of something different you are thankful for (doesn't have to be a perfect shot, just something that's meaningful to you)
2-link your individual posts back to each challenge day on my blog
3-encourage your friends to get involved, too!

If you miss a day or don't get in on the challenge until later, that's O.K.! Feel free to link up later or just get in as many as you can.

And here's my Day 1 Post:

Today I am Thankful for...Cuddle time with My Girls


  1. Cuddle time is the best. What a sweet picture.

  2. What a sweet picture! I love cuddle time and feel so blessed that both of my boys do too! I think this is great what you're doing with the challenge! I truly enjoyed my 30 days of beauty and was sad when it was over....Now on to the 25 days of Thanks! Just perfect!

  3. Hi! That's a really great idea. I'm starting to follow your blog.

  4. I'm late but I'm IN :-)

    I love the idea of 25 Days of Thanksgiving! Thanks for inviting me to participate!


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