Sunday, November 7, 2010

25 Days of Thanks Challenge: Day 8

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Today I am Thankful for...My Daddy

I was trying to save this post for later (because I wanted the most important PEOPLE in my life to be featured later) but I just can't wait. This weekend, my Daddy came to visit his girls. I am an only child, you see, and my mom and dad divorced when I was ten. My dad has never remarried so the ladies in his life are me and my girls. As usual, he couldn't possibly come to visit without helping out in some way. He and I set out yesterday to put a coat of weather-proofing on the playset we built for the girls earlier this fall. I love those days when it's just me and my dad working on a project together. We work and talk and catch up. For just a minute, it's just like I'm a little girl again, pretending to build things while my dad does the real work.

My Daddy is one of the most giving, loving, caring, tender-hearted people I know. His soft-spoken love has guided my footsteps throughout my 32 years. Though he isn't a man of many words, he is one of those men who's actions speak louder than words. He would do ANYTHING for those he loves and gives almost to a fault. He has shown me what it means to love sacrificially. They certainly don't make 'em like him anymore! SO for day 8 of my challenge, I give thanks for the man who helped give me life: my daddy.

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  1. I won the Daddy Lottery too! I'm so glad I found this challenge!

  2. That was really sweet. Just from reading past post from you I've always thought your dad sounded like a neat man!
    It's great having an awesome Daddy. As Sorta Southern Single Mom put it above....It's great winning the "Daddy Lottery!"

  3. Such a sweet post! Daddy's are the best! A perfect thing to be thankful for....

    I think I messed up and add my days 6 and 7 to day 8's spot. I'm not sure how to fix this so I will just add my day 8 here as well.

  4. That is so nice. I am thankful for my dad too. I am also thankful that husband is a great father!

    Blessings :)

  5. What an awesome photo of you two - I can feel your love for him through your words - you are very, very blessed.


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