Saturday, November 20, 2010

25 Days of Thanks Challenge: Day 20

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Today I am Thankful for...My Mother

My Mother is an amazing woman. She has always inspired me to be a better person. Whatever she decides to do, she gives it 110%. For example, when she graduated from college, she did so in three years as a TRIPLE major! When I was born, she quit work so she could be home with me and be the best mother she could to me. I grew up knowing that no matter what happened, she loved me with her whole heart. She gave me some of the best childhood memories. From junk food days to silly songs we sang when we got in the car, she always knew how to make me smile. As I grew into a teenager, we had a delicate balance. She was my best friend but also my mother so sometimes I didn't always like her honesty with me. I know she had many days when she wanted to pull her hair out with me, then! Regardless of our disagreements, I always knew she was there for me and wanted what was best for me. Today, she is still my best friend (aside from my husband). I can talk to her about almost anything. She was there for the birth of both of the girls and helped coach me through the pain of delivering Kate (since my meds weren't working at that point). She is an amazing teacher, grandmother, friend, and yes, she still goes by "Mommy." This one's for you, my amazing mother. Love you, Mommy!


  1. A beautiful tribute.

    I lumped mine together, but posted about my parents today too.

    The linky tool is giving me a hard time this morning. I can't link up, but here's the post:


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