Friday, November 19, 2010

25 Days of Thanks Challenge: Day 19

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Today I am Thankful for...Our Camper
the view from INSIDE our camper at our favorite spot

 When we first were married, I never thought we would be into camping. I had camped in tents in high school and college and knew that wasn't my idea of a vacation. It was fun but not relaxing for me. My husband had been camping with his family in their family camper(s) since he was in diapers. We started planning a summer trip to the Grand Canyon and began investigating the cost of renting a camper for the trip. We were amazed to find out that we could purchase our own for not much more than it would cost for us to rent. We then began our search for the perfect travel trailer and special ordered our 2006 21' Wildwood. I was still a little nervous about such a big purchase. I wasn't sure camping was for me but we took our maiden voyage to Hunting Island State Park in December and I was hooked. Since then we have kept a journal about each of our camping ventures. Though we have yet to take that trip out west, we have made so many wonderful memories and I am so thankful that we purchased that first camper. We have since purchased a much larger one to accommodate our growing family. I am so excited about the memories that we will be able to make together in it!


  1. I have no doubt that will be a purchase of ours in the future not too far off....Problem is, Aaron is such a tent camper that all he'll compromise with is another pop-up...I'm not opposed though. I'll take what I can get. :)

  2. OMG! I love camping! My parents got a pop-up when I was in 7th grade and we built a lot of memories in it (including living out of it at Lake Lanier for 5 weeks while our house was being built). I am hoping that Bryan and I can purchase one someday in the future, because they sure beat tent camping! :-)


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