Sunday, November 21, 2010

25 Days of Thanks Challenge: Day 22

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Today I am Thankful for...My Firstborn, Elena

My Dear Sweet Elena,
When you were born, my life was forever changed. I always dreamed of being a mommy and you made that dream a reality. You have always been my independent one. I love that you go after whatever you desire with such zest! You definitely have a mind of your own and for that I am grateful. You have always amazed me with how quickly you catch onto things. You are a little sponge and can remember things that even I can't. You love to read, dance, draw, sing, watch TV, eat marshmallows and gummy worms, and would rather dig in the dirt than play on your play set. You love to help mommy get supper ready and I can often find you pretending to host your own cooking show (Cooking with Chef Elena). You have such an imagination and your latest invention is your friend, Miracle Anna.Whenever I hear you chatting away and I ask who you are talking to, Miracle Anna is always your answer (and you say it like "Duh, Mommy! Don't you know?")

You have risen to the challenge of being a big sister beautifully! Your daddy and I had no doubt that you would. You rarely get jealous and you are always eager to help. You get so worried if Kate cries and if there is the tiniest bit of drool on her cheek, you run get a cloth to wipe it off. You love being silly and making her laugh. With all of your independence and self-confidence, it is easy for me to forget that you are only two and a half. Sometimes I know I expect too much from you as the older sibling.

With you I am learning what it means to wear my heart outside of my body. This weekend I was reminded that you are still young and vulnerable. I was witness to some older children being far from nice to you and it broke my heart. I didn't know that I could feel pain that way. I immediately understood why all those moms came huffing and puffing up to the school when someone did wrong by their child where I taught. I was so proud when you took it in stride and simply decided to go play somewhere else. I just wanted to scold those other children and scoop you up and protect you and tell you what an amazingly precious person you are but I know there are going to be those times when I can't always do that. Know that your mommy loves you so dearly and I will always ALWAYS be praying for you and loving you my sweet, precious, funny, independent girl! You are my joy and my heart and I am so thankful God put you in our lives!


  1. Look at those blue eyes... neither of my children got my blue eyes!

    There is just something about our first born...

  2. That was really sweet Heather....And how well I know what its like to wear your heart on your sleeve. I've been one of those moms that have gone up to the school in a protection move for my baby. :) It's heartbreaking how mean kids can be.


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